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What is


Business Development for Frederick!

For scientists and entrepreneurs who need direction to grow and scale their business, we deliver tough love from proven growth fanatics so you can confidently take the next step.

Becoming a FITCI Member

How It Works


Members have access to our Facilities, Teams, & Connections including…

  • Offices & Labs
  • Connection Team
  • StartUp


Join a community of tough love CEO’s in a collaborative environment and take advantage of…

  • CEO Roundtables
  • Accelerator Training
  • Business Classes


Graduate and become part of the thriving Frederick community…

  • Launch Committee
  • @theTop
  • Funded ‘N’ Brews

FITCI a Business Incubator/Accelerator

Our mission is to encourage technological innovation and accelerate the development of commercially viable businesses in Frederick.

Tools For Success

Make a successful business a reality!

FITCI offers numerous programs for growing companies. All are designed to meet the entrepreneur where they are in the lifecycle of their business; ranging from making an idea a reality to scaling a successful business.

Our Programs


A beautiful place to

Live. Work. Grow

Frederick, Maryland’s modern flair and historical roots make this robust growing economy one of the best places to grow a business!

What’s Included In Our


Coaching & Connections

Our business leaders bring experience, wisdom, and influential contacts to our emerging entrepreneurs.

Capital Assistance

Having initial capital is critical to the success of any company. FITCI assists companies first with training and preparation then with connections via programs run by the Investment Committee.


FITCI ‘s sequence of training accelerates the time to get from idea to funding to production, while engaging the local community.

Business Support

FITCI has a can-do attitude and will do whatever they can to assist a company’s success. From marketing, training, executive advice, business model and plan support to practicing your pitch until it’s perfect..

Building Relationships

FITCI Partners

Partners benefit from direct engagement with member companies while members benefit from the specialized products and services our partners deliver.

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