FITCI is a business incubator and accelerator
We help you bring ideas to life and make companies grow.

Business acceleration happens when open minds collaborate, experienced CEOs advise, and exceptional programs are brought together with caring connections.

FITCI’s Focus

FITCI’s programs are combination of classes, advisory, events, & initiatives that address fundamental needs for emerging companies. We focus on the 4 C’s:


When you are selected to join FITCI you are placed into an appropriate CEO Roundtable (SGAB) led by a group of proven CEO’s where you can draw from decades of experience to give you some distinct insight into evolving you and your business.


Not only do our advisors and mentors give excellent advice, they (along with our FITCI team, board, and partners) are looking to connect you with those individuals who can help grow your business.


After becoming a member, you gain access to the secret sauce of the FITCI investments team, training and preparation, before connections to key funding sources. Your finely tuned pitch, business model, and investment summary will be well vetted by experience. We create the opportunities; it’s up to you to build the relationships.


FITCI is focused on getting you your first customers. Through value proposition, market opportunity, go-to market strategy, and customer discovery, you’ll be ready to go out and connect with the users who your business was built to help.



The Strategic Growth and Advisory Boards are made up of 35+ proven CEO advisors who impart their decades of wisdom to small teams of FITCI members quarterly, with insight tailored to meet their specific business needs.  As the members grow they move to the next level Strategic Growth and Advisory Board.


@theTop is the natural progression of the CEO Roundtables (SGAB) FITCI members take advantage of. We match the needs of the member to a specific roundtable. @theTop is a program for our FITCI clients, graduates, and advisors who have reached the highest-growth stage in their business yet are still interested in scaling. This program meets quarterly, is made up of multiple large roundtables and a speakers series to keep our community connected and sharp.

StartUp U

StartUp U is a sequence of training to ensure the entrepreneurs business is solid. Most after taking this training have to pivot at some point. The training is taught by very successful CEO’s and the focus is creating a solid Business Model and Value Proposition while proven during customer discovery.

Funded ‘N’ Brews

Raising funds is a full time relationship building & learning process. Success happens when you surrounded yourself with experts in the field or others who have gone before you. FITCI interviews CEO’s who have raised significant capital to impart their wisdom through a structured Q&A; of course connecting it with Frederick’s best distilleries, breweries, and wineries doesn’t hurt. Part of the FITCI Investment Program & Committee.

Reality Check

Similar to Shark Tank, Reality Check puts members in front of investors to pitch their companies for funding. They receive invaluable advice on how to become “Fundable” only after hours of training and mentoring from Beyond the Pitch. Part of the FITCI Investment Program & Committee.

The Edge Accelerator

The Edge is a community growth accelerator program designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate their ideas and businesses. The 12-week program is an intensive, boot-camp style course aimed at revving the start-up learning curve. Please click

Executive Chairman

Is a matchmaking service for our member companies who are in need of a proven C suite executive leadership. We found our member companies get funded quicker and easier when matched with a high level experienced executive who has lead and run companies and/or raised capital. The purpose is to create a successful C-level team for their companies so they can get the traction they need and then focus on what they love doing.

Launch Committee

Built to ensure a seamless transition to graduate from FITCI and move into the surrounding area. This committee makes sure you launch and land safely. It is made up of our finest professionals to assist with all needs from leasing to copying to office staff.

CSO Roundtables

FITCI is dedicated to meet our member companies where they are, so we pull together CSO’s from our members and partners for roundtable discussion and advisory.

Startup-U Classes

Our business classes are designed for you to accelerate and grow the profitability of your business.
Business Model Elements

Learn the fundamentals of the Business Model Canvas, a strategic management and lean startup tool.

Value Proposition Design

Learn how to design your own Value Proposition, a description of the specific benefits you provide customers and why you do it better than anyone else.

Beyond the Pitch

Learn to successfully raise funding in this class with an experienced instructor that understands what goes into a great pitch and receive expert feedback.

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