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Alirtify (formerly Shelly News)

Alirtify is an intelligence-gathering platform that uses data from news events such as sentiments (positive, neutral, negative), location, and key words to glean real-time insights – ensuring that information is relevant and actionable for users’ specific needs.

Blue Sources

Blue Sources develops commercial products and services using Bluegills to monitor for toxic contamination in drinking water, wastewater streams, and source waters.

CarrTech Corp.

CarrTech, LLC is a medical device company that has built the Filtered Removal of Glass (FROG). It is a one needle, one step filter that is cheaper, easier, safer, and greener and will save hospitals time and money.

Catoctin Bio

Community Enrichment Laboratory for Learning Sciences

Cornerstone Genomics

Cornerstone Genomics develops research genomic products and services for biomedicine, veterinary sciences and wildlife research.

DSP Logic

DSP logic is a trusted provider of real-time computational electronic systems, technology, and services for critical commercial and defense applications.


Ductoad manufactures simple connectors for flexible residential ducting that allows for smart technology stacking and reduces installation time by 40%.

Iyotee Inc./Go2s

Go2s is a private social network where you can connect with your most trusted family and friends (your Go2s) and discover how to extend your support network. Life becomes easier when you can reach out to someone you trust.

Lactea Therapeutics

Lactea Therapeutics is a research company that has developed a Covid-19 preventative biologic prototype from through partnerships in the agriculture sector. Its future R&D will target existing proteins with OTC-approved solutions.

LS BioScience

Lyme Research & Healing Center

Lyme Research & Healing Center creates natural treatments for chronic infections using advanced electrical frequency diagnostics to identify underlying infections, toxins, and inflammatory compounds. 

Meridian Technology Systems

Meridian Technology Systems, Inc is an award-winning government cybersecurity products and services company. Meridian provides expertise in mobility, information assurance, biometrics and more.

Mesa Green Pharmaceuticals

Virtual animal health company developing a product for use at home to rescue canines from breakthrough seizures. When the project is complete, MGP will be able to offer at home treatments to over 3,000,000 dogs. 

Mesa Science Associates

MSA provides a comprehensive array of pharmaceutical development solutions.  From product development planning to NDA submissions our expertise touches all aspects of pharmaceutical development activities.

Mpower Education

We provides curriculum training and e-learning in the health, wellness, and beauty space. Including in-house workforce development solutions for employers.


NanoBioFab delivers an innovative, wearable solution to measuring the physiological status of individuals through new smart scent technologies.

Nanocrine, Inc.

Nanocrine products will give researchers the ability to monitor the molecular communications of cells – a capability that will revolutionize our understanding of human disease progression, injury recovery and maintaining wellness.

NEOS Technologies

Neos Technologies is a search fund that focuses on acquiring and operating companies with a proven business model in the Information Technologies (IT) and broad geographic area. 

OncoGone, LLC

OncoGone, LLC helps researchers working with cancer and stem cells. Their 3D cell culture system resembles the natural cell environment, making the operation easier, with faster recovery.

Phycin Inc.

Phycin is developing and commercializing proprietary algal expression platforms that transform algae cells into powerhouses that address diverse needs throughout the Life Sciences industry.

Step Fusion Solutions

We specialize in design and development of new products and technologies promoting human wellness and Quality of Life. Our signature product line is TATE Home Assistant. It is designed with an interface that interacts with users to help with their routine.

Synthesis Professional Services

We help program officers make informed decisions, evaluate and improve program performance, and communicate effectively about their work with dynamic support through every phase.


The Decentralized Oracle for DeFi. An easy to implement solution to get high-value data into your smart contracts.

Veralox Therapeutics

Veralox Therapeutics is a small molecule therapeutics company focused on accelerating the development of first-in-class medicines for unmet medical needs.

Wellspring Digital

Wellspring Digital does SEOPPC, Marketing AutomationContent and Social Media MarketingWebsite Design and Support, and everything else you would expect from a full-service digital marketing agency. This, in and of itself is not special. The difference comes from their knowledge, experience, and maturity. The team of digital marketing veterans are adult enough to have the difficult conversations to get to what will work instead of what they can bill you for.

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