Mesa Science Associates published in the Journal Allergy and Rhinology

The paper, which debuted on March 26, 2023, chronicles the history of the development of epinephrine dosing.

The 0.3mg dose of epinephrine is currently used to treat patients suffering from anaphylaxis.

The article is credited to Peyton Coady, BS, Kenneth L. Dretchen, PhD, and Michael Mesa.

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Founder and CEO of Mesa Science Associates, Mike Mesa, gives credit to Peyton Coady, a MSA intern at the time of writing, for much of the leg work on this paper. Peyton was a student at James Madison University and an MSA summer intern. “Because much of the epinephrine development history reaches back into the late 1800’s the articles were not available on-line. Therefore, Peyton spent much of that summer digging through old medical records at the National Library of Medicine. As a result of his time with MSA, he is now a published author and he takes this success with him as he completes his first year of Medical School at the University of Tennessee.”