BioSolution Designs Announces New Management Team Member

Lilith Saylor

BioSolution Designs is pleased to announce that Shruti Abbato has joined the company as Chief Development Officer. Shruti brings two decades of biopharmaceutical corporate development expertise across biologics and gene and cell therapies, and complements the current team’s deep genetic engineering, operations, and bioinformatics expertise.

BioSolution Designs (BSD) was founded in 2020 to invent currently inaccessible multigenic technology platforms and accelerate the discovery and development of multigenic gene and cell therapies. A multigenic therapy is designed and engineered as a single therapy to target multiple disease-associated genes, pathways, or processes, which are the hallmarks of complex and severe diseases such as cardiovascular disease. BSD’s multigenic technology platforms dramatically simplify the genetic engineering needed to create, control, deliver, and manufacture such complex multigenic therapies. BSD makes these platforms broadly accessible to the research community as biotools for research use and exploits them internally to discover multigenic therapeutics for cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and musculoskeletal diseases. BSD’s first foundational platform, Bird of PreyTM, to create and control multigene vectors was recently launched as a biotool. In addition, BSD’s first therapeutics spinout, BeatBio, has been established to focus on advancing four unique modalities of multigenic gene and cell therapies for heart failure and peripheral artery disease.

“We are highly honored to have someone with Shruti’s deep industry expertise joining BSD,” said BSD Founder and CEO, Dr. Thomas D. Reed. “Shruti has been at the intersection of two major historical market creation moments: 1) conversion of genomics data to recombinant protein-based therapies and 2) the outset of FDA-approved monogenic gene and cell therapies. Her knowledge of the industry, technologies, and “players,” provides her with a unique perspective to help guide commercial deployment of BSD’s multigenic initiatives. In addition to her Chief Development Officer role at BSD, Shruti will also serve as Acting Chief Business Officer of our BeatBio spinout and Chief Executive Officer of our non-viral delivery platform spinout. Shruti’s relevant experience intensifies our leadership team’s capabilities and will accelerate development of our multigenic platforms and spinouts, fundraising, and deals.”

Most recently, Shruti was Chief Business Officer of SalioGen’s cell therapy division, where she led the strategy, planning, and division building activities in order to spinout the division as a stand-alone business. Prior to this she was EVP of Business Development for MaxCyte’s (MXCT) cell therapy division. Shruti started her business development career at Human Genome Sciences, an early leader in genomics sequencing and subsequently advised multiple early-stage companies prior to landing at MaxCyte. During her 25+ year career, Shruti has led numerous strategy processes and nurtured multiple platform technologies and therapeutics through deals and company formations. Shruti received her undergraduate training in Chemical Engineering and in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland at College Park and holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Shruti expressed, “I am thrilled to join BSD in its mission to precipitate a shift in the gene and cell therapy industry to multigenic therapeutics. BSD has the perfect early-venture substrates for me – extensive drug development-centric genetic engineering capabilities with knowledge of the pitfalls, an unparalleled passion for multigenic invention marked by an expanding IP portfolio, an entrepreneurial spirit and scrappiness underscored by discovery of novel multigenic technologies and launch of its first multigenic platform using limited resources, and most importantly an across-the-company humble culture. I am particularly excited to lead BSD’s development of its next multigenic platform – a novel non-viral delivery platform for large multigene payloads seeking to address issues broadly faced in the gene and cell therapy industry and at my previous companies. BSD has just begun to scratch the surface of advancing its multigenic technology platforms and pipeline and I look forward to working with the team to scale the progress.”