Integrated Pharma Services Company’s President Named Business Leader of the Year

Kathie Callahan Brady and MINA IZADJOO, PHD

Mina Izadjoo, PhD and her team grow more than cells in her lab at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) on Metropolitan Court. She helps nurture the next generation of scientists. Dr. Izadjoo is President and Chief Science Officer of Integrated Pharma Services (IPS). She is the President-Elect of the Washington Academy of Sciences and holds professorship at Department of Medicine at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS). IPS is a Contract Research Organization providing ‘open source’ technology evaluation and development, specializing in preclinical and clinical research, such as antimicrobial efficacy evaluation of therapeutics and devices.

Dr. Izadjoo shepherded eight interns through their first professional lab experience during her tenure at FITCI. These interns were from state of Maryland colleges, Universities and non-profits including three students from Frederick Community College (FCC). Over the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters IPS will host two more interns, one from George Washington University and the other from the University of Maryland.
Dr. Izadjoo is committed to helping these budding professionals get a foothold in the industry through practical, real-world experience. She says, “I remember how excited I was to graduate and start my career. At the same time, there’s always a vicious cycle where you need experience to get that first ‘real’ job, but you need a job to get experience…I’ve had a very fulfilling and exciting career in this industry, working on novel, ground-breaking technologies. I am committed to give back by holding the door open for the next generation of scientists.” She notes an essential affinity between industry and academia, especially in the field of science. “In the long-run, helping students get the most out of their education helps us all as a society. It has a positive impact on the community and ensures a quality workforce in the future.”
FCC recently honored Dr. Izadjoo’s efforts, naming her “Business Leader of the Year” for her work with Bioprocessing Technology Program students. Nomination for the College’s annual Business Appreciation Award came as a surprise to Dr. Izadjoo.
According to FCC’s statement, “She has served as a mentor to students, ensuring young scientists have the skills and support to succeed in the biotech workforce.”
FITCI CEO Kathie Callahan Brady shares words of praise, too. “FITCI has a distinct vibe, thanks to people like Dr. Izadjoo who are willing to share their knowledge and passion for innovation. We move forward when we help each other.”

Dr. Izadjoo received the award at a breakfast banquet on May 7th at FCC’s Student Center.