iyotee Secures $9.35 Million In Series A Funding and Launches KnowledgeNet.ai

New AI-Driven Network Collaboration App Revolutionizes How Organizations Use Their Intellectual Capital

James Alvord

FREDERICK MD, February 09, 2022 – KnowledgeNet.ai, a leader in knowledge intelligence, announced today that it has raised a $9.35M Series A investment round through syndicate investors. KnowledgeNet.ai goes beyond relationship intelligence to combine relationship intelligence, knowledge retention, and secure collaborative networking to meet the growing need of deal makers and executives to identify opportunities and close deals more efficiently.

Corporate decision-makers are inundated with the weight and speed of information. For salespeople and executive management teams, the explosion of unstructured data coupled with the complexity of structured data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, file storage, professional networks, and newsfeeds have exacerbated this problem. For these teams, the ability to see the connective tissue between organizations, individuals, and corporate intelligence means the difference between missing an opportunity and winning one. The situation demands a new kind of platform: knowledge intelligence.

“Partnering with our investors, KnowledgeNet.ai has successfully combined the best of relationship intelligence, corporate knowledge retention, and secured collaboration to create an innovative tool for the enterprise deal makers and executive decision-makers,” said Mehdi Tehranchi, the CEO of KnowledgeNet.ai. “KnowledgeNet.ai’s collaboration engine is an essential application for managing intellectual capital across large, complex enterprises. It integrates an organization’s information ecosystem and improves the flow of corporate knowledge, empowering our customers to harvest their intellectual capital and drive growth.”

KnowledgeNet.ai’s unique natural language recognition and artificial intelligence connects disjointed conversations and data in repositories such as email (Exchange & Gmail), CRMs (Salesforce), file storage (Dropbox and SharePoint), professional networks (LinkedIn, Pitchbook, Zoom), and industry newsfeeds (Owler) into a cohesive enterprise knowledge map. By giving organizations a secure, cohesive 360° view to manage and preserve past, present, and future knowledge, KnowledgeNet.ai uncovers new opportunities, maximize values for each, and gives companies a competitive edge.

“Collaborative communication and networking applications are an essential part of any organization’s toolkit. AEI has used KnowledgeNet.ai to connect the dots across our portfolio, making it easier for our team to be plugged into every aspect of our firm,” said Jon Nemo, Senior Partner at AE Industrial Partners (AEI), a KnowledeNet.net customer. “KnowledgeNet.ai’s intellectual capital network turns data into actionable intelligence, enabling our team to make smarter decisions, faster.”

By utilizing KnowledgeNet.ai, companies of all sizes have gained a streamlined operating system to manage their intellectual capital and leverage the connections between siloed information. As a result, valuable insights are surfaced automatically, saving time, and missed opportunities.

About KnowledgeNet.ai
KnowledgeNet.ai is a leader in network collaboration that is revolutionizing how organizations use intellectual capital. Our AI-driven application connects and transforms corporate conversations and enterprise knowledge into actionable intelligence. Creating a secure, cohesive 360° view to manage and preserve past, present, and future intelligence to uncover new opportunities, maximize the value of each, and gain an edge over the competition. For more information, visit www.KnowledgeNet.ai