Leading the charge on ‘Know your Immunity,’ VirIntel, LLC announces a partnership with Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories (CDL)

Kim Gordon, VirInte

Frederick, MD (October, 2020 — VirIntel, LLC is excited to announce a partnership with Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories (CDL), one of the top Diagnostics Lab in the DC metro area, to offer the VirIntel COVID-19 Antibody Test available immediately.

VirIntel leads the charge on the “know your immunity” movement in response to COVID-19 and has developed and commercialized a COVID-19 antibody test with demonstrated 100% specificity and 94% sensitivity in identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2, indicating recent or prior infection.

Ibtihaj Awdelkariem, MLS, CDL Technical Director, comments: “We want to offer an antibody test to our customers that is very accurate and delivers results quickly. The VirIntel COVID-19 Antibody Test has superior accuracy, and we can deliver the results ready 48 hours.”

The VirIntel COVID-19 Antibody Test requires a blood draw at the point of care and is not currently available for home testing.

About Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories (CDL)

CDL is an independent, full-service, clinical laboratory directed by a board-certified pathologist and qualified expert technologists. Our Medical Director is nationally recognized as a specialist in laboratory medicine. We are a group of dedicated, experienced, and qualified personnel who are committed to providing the highest quality service through advanced technology and personal attention. However, we take pride in our efforts to expand the scope and improve our testing services’ quality through the addition of state-of-the-art equipment. We stand by the dictum that behind every sample is a patient, and every patient is a unique individual.

CDL provides a broad range of services, including testing performed on automated laboratory equipment that allows for positive patient ID with barcode technology. Since we are a local laboratory, patient testing is done as soon as it is brought to the lab, which greatly increases the turnaround time and maintains the specimens’ integrity. As an Immediate Response Laboratory, we provide STAT and general laboratory testing for our patients. CDL Provides quality work for patients and continually strives to improve services to meet our patients’ needs. We provide testing in the following specialties: Hematology, Chemistry, Endocrinology, Urinalysis, and Microbiology.

About VirIntel, LLC
VirIntel, LLC is a privately held, R & D-driven biotechnology company developing a portfolio of Immuno-diagnostic tools to pursue immunity intelligence. They are located at the Frederick Innovation Technology Center. Leading the charge on the “know your immunity” movement in response to COVID-19, VirIntel recently commercialized its first product, the VirIntel COVID-19 Antibody Test. VirIntel and its executive team have a successful track record of partnerships with global companies interested in developing and commercializing companion diagnostics and providing expertise in regulatory and laboratory services. www.VirIntel.com

To learn more, please visit: www.virintel.com or https://clinicaldiagnosticlab.com

Contact Information: Kim Gordon at Kim.Gordon@virintel.com or Ibtihaj A. at ibtihaj@clinicaldiagnosticlab.com