M Power Education Records Explosive Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ivana Shuck

Frederick, MD (March 17, 2021) – M Power Education, a Frederick-based e-learning and career training company, has experienced an explosive growth in the past year, despite the global pandemic. The company grew from three to fifteen employees and expanded their client base as well as student enrollment – they have 7x more students enrolling in their online learning platform in 2021 in comparison to this time last year.

“The growth has been incredible, and it has been an exciting year for us”, says Pete Medd, the Founder and CEO of M Power Education.

According to Mr. Medd, the past year has been more off-the-charts than what the company has planned for. Not knowing how the Covid-19 pandemic was going to affect their business, the startup initially went through some uncertainty, but the demand quickly skyrocketed. The CEO adds that they were very fortunate to add high quality people on the team, who were only available because of the pandemic. The new employees added value to all aspects of their business – online instructors and mentors, sales and enrollment team, as well as administrative staff.

M Power Education is an e-learning and training startup, that created the first end-to-end massage therapist training and staffing solution for employers in the industry. The demand for well-trained massage therapists is greater than the supply, due to the cost of massage going down and more people realizing the benefits of regular massage treatments. The number of massage educational programs in the US is at the lowest point since 2000, with the lowest rate of graduates since 1998, down 37% since 2014. Some 35% of those graduates never enter the workforce, either failing or never sitting for the MBLEx (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination). M Power Education connects those willing to learn new skills with employers looking to hire, by offering training and certification programs at a fraction of the typical cost. For instance, the national average cost of a massage therapy certification program is $13,400. The average cost for M Power Education students is under $3,000 and leads directly to job opportunities.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, massage therapists are in even higher demand, with some therapists leaving the profession. Mpower is noticing considerable interest from people who have been displaced from other professions and are looking for new opportunities. M Power has been there to connect them to the massage industry and serves as a bridge between the students and employers.

M Power is currently a member of Frederick’s business incubator and accelerator, Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI), which provides them with business support and resources needed for scaling a business. “FITCI has been fantastic, especially during the last year. Having the leadership support from the Strategic Growth and Advisory Board, has allowed me to avoid some pitfalls that come with explosive growth, and that has been a direct result of the mentorship that comes through FITCI” says Mr. Medd.

The company’s future plans include expanding geographically from 8 states to 30 and launching a skin care program later in the year. “We are also looking to at least double our staff in 2021, to keep up with continuing demand from both employers and people who are getting into this industry”, the CEO concluded.

About the company:M Power Education utilizes innovation in education technology and a jobs-driven model to train job seekers for in-demand careers – meeting employers staffing needs. The company focuses on online knowledge delivery with hands-on practical experience taking place at the employer location. M Power Education’s goal is to provide students with affordable, state of the art hybrid training programs, and a secure career-path, while aligning employers with qualified candidates for their recruitment needs. For more information, please check out M Power’s new website – https://mpowereducation.com/programs/students/

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Phone: 866-923-4642