Mesa Science Associates to Present on Canine Epilepsy at The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor Annual Investors Meeting

Michael Mesa, CEO of Mesa Science Associates Inc. (MSA)

Mesa Science Associates Inc. (MSA) announced today that MSA has been invited to present their work on Canine Epilepsy at the Kanas City Animal Health Corridor annual meeting to be held in Kansas City the week of August 26, 2019. MSA Principal Tim Warneke will present the MSA Canine Project in a podium presentation aimed at investors interested in the animal health space.

MSA is a virtual company who until now has offered pharmaceutical consulting and management services to investigators who are developing new uses for old drugs and for those developing new pharmaceutical entities. MSA currently serves product developers from private companies as well as NIH sponsored investigators.

The Caine project is the first product to be owned by and developed under the MSA flag. The company is seeking funding to complete the Canine Project which is in advanced development. MSA principals decided to pursue this project after their research into human epilepsy revealed that annually there are over three million dogs in the U.S. suffering seizures with like numbers occurring in Europe. The company also discovered that there is no FDA approved treatment for canines that can be easily administered at home or away from professional veterinary facilities. Epileptic seizures are a medical emergency for both humans and canines requiring rapid treatment to protect the brain from serious injury. An emergency visit to a vet or hospital is costly in both time and dollars. The MSA concept is to obtain FDA approval for a drug in a device that will provide the pet owner with an easy and effective way to help break the seizure as soon as possible after it occurs and to help delay the onset of future seizures. This approach will provide the owner a cost-effective treatment that is timely and easy for the lay caregiver to administer.

Mr. Michael Mesa, President of MSA stated that “the company is excited by this project as it will hopefully extend the life of beloved pets and provide comfort to the pet owner who will be able to actively treat this dangerous condition in their own home. This, we believe, will result in an improved quality of life for both the dog and the owner.”

MSA team members strong background in the development of products aimed at the emergency treatment of human epilepsy helped in the transition to canines. Mr. Mesa in a former position led the development of the autoinjector product used in the highly successful NIH Rampart Study. The Rampart Study showed that a drug in an autoinjectors could provide an effective out of hospital treatment for patients experiencing active seizures. Mr. Mesa and Mr. Warneke, while both at King Pharmaceuticals, collaborated on The RESCUE Study project, that was aimed at providing at-home-treatment of acute repetitive seizure.