Nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccine REVC-128 potentially induces protection starting two weeks post prime by one dose


Frederick, MD, November 2020 – ReVacc Biotech scientists have designed a multivalent nanoparticle vaccine candidate REVC-128 targeting the current predominant SARS-CoV-2 viral strain with D614G mutation. The preliminary immunogenicity study showed that REVC-128 induced ultrapotent neutralizing antibody titer at 14 days post prime, which suggests that their vaccine candidate has potential to induce protection starting two weeks post the first immunization by using just one dose.

ReVacc believes that the successful vaccine candidate should be safe for all populations, used easily and should induce protection sooner and longer, which is crucial in stopping the virus spread. The success of REVC-128 will eliminate the safety concerns, as the protein-based form has been used for several decades, including on infants. This candidate was designed with consideration to offset ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) concern and is proposed to be formulated as a dry powder form for storage and delivery at ambient temperatures. ReVacc Biotech scientists are working around the clock to advance this vaccine candidate into next stages.

An effective vaccine to end the COVID-19 pandemic is urgently needed. Although several candidates have been reported to elicit satisfied protection, there are concerns of these newly emerged platforms, such as ultra-cold storage and transportation for mRNA platform (Pfizer/BioNTech) and preexisting immunity of vector for viral vector platform (Astrazeneca/Oxford). Without similar products licensed previously for a mRNA vaccine, there is little pre-existing data on safety. Some populations have not been tested in current clinical trials, such as young children and pregnant women, who require a higher standard of safety. Most of the vaccine candidates require two doses of immunization, which brings additional efforts for tracking and administrating, compared to a one-dose regimen. Vaccine design without consideration of ADE could potentially make one sicker when they experience a different coronavirus infection in the future.

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Inspired by modern science of Reverse Vaccinology, ReVacc focuses on development and commercialization of novel vaccines and antibodies. The Company has two trade names: ReVacc Biotech and ReVacc Scientific. ReVacc Biotech develops vaccine and therapeutic antibody candidates against infectious diseases. ReVacc Scientific online store provides the complete solution for COVID-19 research and diagnosis, including trimeric proteins, neutralizing antibodies and pseudovirus. Antibody and antigen are essential for research and diagnosis kit manufacture.

Services provided by ReVacc Scientific online store include customized pseudovirus or protein generation, antibody discovery and neutralizing antibody titer evaluation. The service to evaluate neutralizing antibody titer for clients‘ samples is novel in the market, and the results will help clients to know their vaccine candidate’s effectiveness or guide economy re-opening. For example, ReVacc can provide the value in evaluating whether these COVID-19 recovered people have immunity against the second infection, and then help them decide to come back to work safely. The results from this test can also help millions of COVID-19 recovered people to decide whether vaccination is needed to avoid the second infection, when vaccine is available in the future.

ReVacc Scientific provides products and services for other infectious diseases, such as Marburg pseudovirus, Dengue, Zika proteins.

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