Old Line Capital Invests in CarrTech

April Bartel, FITCI

Old Line Capital Partners announced today that they have made a significant investment in CarrTech LLC, to extend product development, sales, and marketing of CarrTech’s innovative filter needle.

“CarrTech’s FROG device (Filter Removal of Glass) saves lives, prevents injury, and saves time in the emergency room and anywhere glass ampoules are used for injectable medicine. FROG turns the multi-step operation into an all-in-one device, by combining a filter needle and a hypodermic needle into a single unit. “CarrTech has clearly built ‘a better mousetrap,’” stated Jerry Schepers, Old Line Capital’s General Partner and Deal Lead for the CarrTech investment. “This is exactly the type of innovative technology we look for at Old Line Capital.”

“We are incredibly excited to have Old Line Capital as our lead investor,” said Sue Carr, President and Founder of CarrTech. “Old Line Capital personifies the diligence and professionalism of the very best Venture Capitalists. They provide the wisdom, experience, and relationships necessary to put FROG in the hands of doctors, nurses, and first responders worldwide.”

About CarrTech

CarrTech is a medical technology company and inventor of the FROG (Filter Removal of Glass) device. FROG combines the traditional multi-step, two needle process of filtering glass particles from medicines to a single step with a single needle. FROG is safer, faster, greener and more efficient for healthcare providers.

About Old Line Capital Partners

Old Line Capital is a venture capital firm focused on the financing and development of early-stage technology startups in Maryland and the broader mid-Atlantic region.