Thin Film Interconnects (TFI) Advances Stateside Chip Manufacturing

Frederick, Maryland – Thin Film Interconnects (TFI), a pioneering technology company, is poised to transform the high-demand semiconductor industry with its innovative manufacturing process. This established Korean firm will launch its inaugural U.S. operation with a patented, next-generation production process that surpasses current alternatives in speed and reduced environmental impact. TFI’s new 3DIC (three-dimensional integrated circuit) allows layering of multi-function, greater miniaturization, customization, and can yield a remarkable 40% reduction in chip process costs.

Founder Ty Lee is pleased to announce TFI’s plans for expansion of operations into the Frederick, MD, area. “In 2024, TFI will build a demonstration facility to introduce a new, improved production method to the semiconductor device and packaging industry.” Work is underway now, thanks in part to a program that connects international companies to the local business landscape. TFI engaged the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc.’s (FITCI) Soft Landing program which is aimed at accelerating the transition of international companies hoping to establish operations state-side.

FITCI’s program supports companies in life science, biotech, agrotech, clean energy, and technology sectors with market entry guidance, strategic growth and advisory boards, connection to local resources and industry partners, as well as relocation information, networking, and cultural transition assistance. FITCI is a partner in Maryland’s Global Gateway Initiative, managed by the Maryland Department of Commerce. The initiative, along with the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, further strengthens America’s presence in this critical industry.

Kathie Callahan Brady, FITCI’s CEO, says, “As an incubator and accelerator, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for emerging entrepreneurs as they push scientific boundaries, create jobs, and establish viable businesses as the foundation of a healthy economy.” She emphasizes the Soft Landing’s role in facilitating a healthy network of local enterprises across the spectrum for mutual support. Callahan Brady is enthusiastic about TFI’s technology as it aligns with current startup clients. “This will be a game-changer.”

Semiconductors, the foundation of modern computation, play a crucial role in manufacturing various products, including cars, appliances, smartphones, and medical equipment. Global semiconductor shortages in recent years have impacted industries, contributing to inflation, and revealing economic and defense vulnerabilities. TFI’s innovative method addresses communication bottlenecks, enabling massive data storage and faster processing. The new process, called wet metallization, is positioned as a more sustainable alternative to current semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Brandon Frazier, President of All Scientific, is part of the building project. He says, “TFI’s technology promises some exciting benefits to those manufacturing and developing advanced device packaging, and I’m excited to be a part of this effort.”

Callahan Brady echoes the sentiment, highlighting TFI’s proven success and commitment to excellence. “We’re delighted they chose Frederick for their home base and honored to help them with the next step in their journey.”

TFI’s chosen location, FITCI’s entrepreneurial community at 321 Ballenger Center Drive, is part of Frederick City’s thriving bio science enclave and a federal opportunity zone, situated at the crown of Maryland’s thriving technology corridor.

Ty (Tae Young) Lee founded TFI in 2012. The company holds a patent in Korea for a new method of manufacturing sustainable semiconductor solutions and equipment for TSA structure. TFI is on track to bring sustainable semiconductor technology to market. Its technology leverages many years of research and innovations in a process that uses chemicals fully proven for safety and non-toxicity. Its world-class team is uniquely positioned to deliver the fastest path to clean, efficient, and cost-effective semiconductor manufacturing. Investment opportunities are offered through Title3Funds. www.tfi-tec.com

About The Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc.

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