Trivance Design Launches Brand New Website

Thomas Stein, CEO, Trivance Design

Frederick, MD (October 2020) – Trivance Design, a Frederick-based 3D print shop has just announced the launch of their new friendly and easy-to-use website. The site provides information related to the process as well as capabilities of extrusion-based 3D printing that can help move client’s ideas into reality.

“We were newbies to 3D printing when we dove into the Trivance Design website project”, said Stephanie Ottavan, President of Door No. 3 Design, Inc. “In talking with Thomas about helping people who were also new to 3D printing, it was clear the site needed to be created with the user experience in mind. We streamlined navigation and created links throughout the site so users can quickly get to the information they need. It was also important for us to weave Tom’s personality through the site to give the feeling you are working with a real person who is skilled, knowledgeable, and will help you get your project done from start to finish.”

Trivance Design is ready to help inventors and artists using the 3D printing process. They can use the convenient contact form to effortlessly and affordably receive a consultation about their design, then have it printed and sent to them. Not all designs work with all types of printing. If there is a better option than extrusion printing, Trivance Design experts will recommend it.

“My target audience is a person who has an idea in mind and would like to translate it into a real object. To riff on an old Volkswagen commercial, ‘Inventors wanted’. I can help by understanding their design, then using 3D printing to make it,” said Thomas Stein, the Founder of Trivance Design.

Please follow the link to visit the website: https://trivancedesign.com/contact/

About Trivance Design:

Trivance Design, LLC is a Maryland-based 3D print shop with a focus on service and quality, that works with customers every step of the way to produce their needed product. The Trivance Design team is customer-focused and reviews each file personally to provide the customer with an accurate estimate and a quality product. Whether the customer has an hand-drawn idea on a napkin, is working on a prototype, or needs a short run of products, Trivance Design will work with you through each phase of your project.


Thomas Stein