Velocidy Bio starts distributing NEXTGENPCR, an instrument capable of analyzing 22,860 SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus tests in 24 hours

Ivana Shuck

Frederick, MD, March 31, 2020 – Velocidy Bio’s Dutch biotech partner, Molecular Biology Systems (MBS), has developed a new method using its revolutionary NEXTGENPCR that decreases the testing time for SARS-CoV-2 to eight minutes, compared to current systems that take over an hour. Utilizing this method, a single unit the size of a shoebox could perform a hundred and eighty (180) amplification runs a day, an almost ten-fold increase over the current US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended instrumentation. According to Gert de Vos, MBS CEO, this protocol produces a simple yes/no answer and a single instrument is capable of running 24/7, analyzing 22,860 samples per day.

NEXTGENPCR machines launched about two years ago and Velocidy Bio is the exclusive distributor for the USA and Canada. According to Brian McNally, the CEO of Velocidy Bio, a single unit could potentially test every employee at Frederick Memorial Health every day in about 3 hours. McNally added, “Velocidy Bio has always believed that decreasing time-to-result represents an unmet need in the life sciences space. We have committed ourselves to finding solutions either through internal projects or external partnerships that accelerate lab work. We have been in close collaboration with MBS and look forward to supporting the US and Canadian labs that are interested in this solution.”

Velocidy Bio is currently a member of Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI), a technology incubator and accelerator that provides start-up companies with business support and mentorship. “As a young business, we wouldn’t have had the resources to navigate all of the complexities of this crisis without FITCI and would not have been prepared to support the US and Canadian labs with the NEXTGENPCR technology”, added McNally.

NEXTGENPCR instruments are available to order today. Please follow the link to learn more – https://www.velocidybio.com/

About Velocidy Bio, Inc.

Velocidy Bio is focused on delivering solutions that decrease time-to-results for biological laboratories. Working together with innovative organizations, Velocidy Bio offers solutions globally that reduce protocols from hours to minutes. These accelerated protocols enable scientists to increase their productivity and reduce stress associated with delays in generating results. Initially, Velocidy Bio is focused on reducing the time required to extract, amplify and analyze nucleic acids. Further information can be found at https://www.velocidybio.com/

About Molecular Biology Systems
Molecular Biology Systems B.V. is a Netherlands company that developed and commercialized NEXTGENPCR, a universal ultrafast PCR system. The NEXTENPCR instrument uses an innovative temperature control method during cycling, which eliminates ramp time. Molecular Biology Systems offers their NEXTGENPCR instrument, accessories and consumables around the world, to laboratories in life science research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, forensics, veterinary testing and food safety. Further information can be found at https://www.nextgenpcr.com.

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