Meet our Client: David Borjiking, Atila Internationals

As the world continues reeling from COVID-19 and all its variants, some things are irrevocably changed. Sanitation efforts are more important than ever in homes and businesses, making safe, effective cleaning products a hot commodity. Solving this problem inspired David Borjiking’s latest business venture, Atila Internationals, and its debut product, Atila Fungicide Sanitizing Water.

A serial entrepreneur, Borjiking came to America from Mongolia to study computer networking. He worked in the technology field before successfully launching his own VoIP company in 1998, Bainuu Communications, LLC. The company provided service in Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Kuwait, and Nepal. After that business was acquired, he stepped into the role of CEO with Azking, Inc., a company focused on investments and mining in Mongolia. When pandemic lock-downs and travel restrictions hit, Borjiking branched out in a new direction.

“I was looking for an opportunity,” says Borjiking. “I learned that my cousin in Japan invented this new sterilization compound that is just about as safe as water and stronger than some of the toxic chemicals people were using. It is the world’s most advanced technology. It provides the best germicidal solutions to keep people safe from various bacterial infections.” That includes COVID strains, Staphylococcus Aureus and E. Coli. “It is safe, leaves no residue, is environmentally friendly and low cost.”

Atila’s proprietary product is an alternative to the highly corrosive Haccpper fungicide, which can damage both skin and metals. Underscoring that chemical’s toxicity Borjiking exclaims, “That stuff will eat through steel! Our product is so safe you could use it on your fresh produce or dishes.”

Atila’s advanced sterilization technology is already used throughout Japan and China where it is employed for everything from household cleaning to industrial and farm applications, including disinfecting products that come through customs. It is strong, alcohol-free and FDA approved with a sterilizing speed 80 times faster than NaClO (bleach).

“I personally use this. My sister, my family in Mongolia and Japan, all of them use this product. In Japan they even use it in elementary schools and kindergartens because it is so safe. And it protects from the coronavirus,” says Borjiking, enthusiastically detailing its many uses, from sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens to washing fruits and vegetables. It can even be vaporized to sterilize air.

“So many sanitizing products are not standardized. They feel nasty. And they can be dangerous. This new alternative is healthy, nontoxic and low cost.” Borjiking has exclusive rights to produce and market the breakthrough product in North America and investors are taking note.

“This will be good for the American people,” he explains, “because it will be made here, using US labor and ingredients to make a great product.”

Borjiking joined FITCI’s Metropolitan Court location in October, thanks to a recommendation from an associate and fellow FITCI member, Jun Wang of Phycin.

“I wanted to be in a technical space with other businesses like mine,” says Borjiking, “since I am working with a chemist and testing so many different products.”

In his leisure time, Borjiking enjoys communing with nature, whether on the golf course, the soccer field, or hiking the area’s scenic trails, in spite of one harrowing ordeal. He exclaims, “I almost died! I was hiking at Chimney Rock and fell. The helicopter had to come and rescue me.”

Despite the near-death experience, he still finds peace exploring the great outdoors. “All Mongolians have a special appreciation for nature,” he shares. So, it’s particularly satisfying that Atila’s first product is good for people and the environment.

Find out more at www.atilatech.io or email info@atilatech.com.