February 2024 Community News

Rounding into phase 1 completion of the area’s newest entrepreneurial community space at the EDGE at 321, FITCI achieved move-in approval this month. As part of the transition, startup leaders & potential resource partners can get an exclusive preview. The facility offers state-of-the-art private & shared wet labs, offices, and conference areas…opening soon! Its 4,000 sq. ft. Base Camp Community Center will be a hub for extensive programing, mentorship, and partnerships – allowing FITCI members to build stable, sustainable foundations to scale their businesses faster and launch into the vibrant Frederick community. Tours can be arranged by calling 301-694-2999.

From the company: “We are most pleased to announce that, together with the Uniformed Services University Center Biotechnology (4dBio3) and Redwire’s (formerly Techshot) Biofabrication Facility (BFF) installed hardware, RoosterBio MSCs recently flew to the International Space Station, whereupon they were printed into an artificial knee meniscus using a collagen + MSC bioink in July of this year (2023). This experiment is the very first of its kind, with others soon to follow including a demonstration of beating cardiomyocyte tissue. The ISS is not the only austere environment where RoosterBio cells have been bio-3DP’ed…

RoosterBio MSCs were utilized both in space and in a difficult terrain/climate not merely because they are outstandingly quality controlled, easy to handle, and characterized for reliable performance. Another important feature is the uniquely high cell volume brought to bear on the bioprinting problem at hand. The 50-million Ready-to-Print (RTP)® cell vial format uses pre-expanded MSCs that can be quickly thawed, re-equilibrated to media, and mixed into a variety of bioinks for 3DP or scaled out for same-day high throughput screening (HTS).”

Read the full story at www.roosterbio.com

RFID Roadmap helps you plan your project properly. Know every data requirement and potential challenge before you commit to purchasing a full solution using RFID Roadmap service. It is a limited, paid consultative process that assures you have complete understanding of all available sensor-based technologies, how each works, and its advantages and limitations. RFID Roadmap connects you to highly experienced RFID specialists to determine strategy, innovation, and alignment of purpose.

The first batch of new, locally-made portals are on the way to three Dallas, TX warehouses to track containers at dock doors using rfidCollect’s RFID tracking equipment. RFID READY portals have been used in hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, data centers, and government/DoD facilities across the country and in Canada. The company is looking forward to shipping many more from its EDCO Frederick partnership. Future plans include making RFID Tunnels here as well, to track crates and bins through pharmaceutical supply chains.

Learn more at www.rfidready.net

Exciting news for Forager Station!  The company’s letter of intent for the 2024 DOE SBIR Phase I Grant was accepted. Now, they are on the way to testing out electrochemical lithium production in the field. This is also a major revenue generating opportunity for produced water companies. Additionally, they got their first support letter from the Western Research Institute, showing Wyoming’s backing for our Phase II Pilot. Now the company is looking for produced water handling companies who can provide engineering support and produced water samples for pilot testing design during Phase I, or are interested in participating in a Phase II Pilot. Contact Patrick Ho at www.foragerstation.com to discuss potential opportunities to collaborate.

The Community Builder Award honors someone “who fosters intentional collaborations and meaningful contributions of their time, energy, and expertise to support the biohealth ecosystems in the BioHealth Capital Region. This individual or organization has gone above and beyond their responsibilities to make an impact on the ecosystem. This person or organization is a servant leader who sees beyond their job description or the balance sheet and strives to create a rising tide for all across so that we can collectively make a greater impact on public health and patients around the world.”

The Startup of the Year Award recognizes “outstanding achievements and innovations within the field of life sciences, honoring startups that have demonstrated exceptional contributions to advancing healthcare, biotechnology, and related industries. Recipients of this award are celebrated for their groundbreaking research, technological advancements, and overall impact on improving the quality of human life through cutting-edge solutions in life sciences.”

The Breakthrough category “recognizes the companies who have pursued their mission with dedication and perseverance and built momentum towards commercialization with a substantial breakthrough this past year. Nominees should be selected from companies who have achieved important milestones such as advancing to a clinical-stage company, achieving successful pivotal trials, or getting FDA approval for the commercialization of their technology to bring it to the patients who need it.”

The winners will be announced at Scheer Partners’ Life Science Executive Happy Hour hosted by South Duvall at the home of BioBuzz (City Garage Science + Technology Center) on Wednesday, May 29 from 6-9pm. Read more at www.biobuzz.com.

Theradaptive, a market leader in targeted regenerative therapeutics, has received full ethics approval from the Bellberry Ethics Committee to commence its OASIS in-human study in Australia for its novel spinal fusion implant OsteoAdapt SP. Theradaptive can now enroll patients at each site in Australia listed with Bellberry as part of its global clinical study for OsteoAdapt SP, thus extending Theradaptive’s OASIS trial already enrolling patients in the US. Read the full press release here.