Private Investors converge for BioSolution Designs’ Showcase with Opus8

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 – Accredited Biotech/Biomedical investors gathered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, for a private, in-person presentation and dinner featuring FITCI startup client BioSolution Designs, Inc. (BSD), thanks to our ecosystem partner Opus8. Dozens listened while BSD CEO Sam Glickstein shared details about the rising company and its exciting potential both financially and as a driver of industry and innovation.

Here are the details as shared by Opus8:

About BioSolution Designs

BSD is a Biotech Invention Studio & IP holding company creating next-generation platforms and products for the biotools, biomaterial manufacturing, and biotherapeutics market sectors. BSD licenses its inventions to existing companies, assigns them to subsidiaries, or forms product partnerships with existing companies. Subsidiaries are seeded with core IP licensed from BSD, staffed with vetted management, and capital is raised independently. Product partnerships are pursued with favorable license deals and unrestricted use of co-developed IP.

Key Highlights
  • World-leading genetic engineering expertise & biotech industry expereince.
  • DNA-based technology = low MVP concept capex & high novel technology creation potential.
  • “Seed IP” for subsidiaries aimed to cost $50,000 – $250,000.
  • Subsidiaries and technologies are diversified across upstream & downstream platforms/products.
  • Initial lower risk platforms & products provide a stable base for moonshot opportunities.
  • Only $1.4M has led to the entirety of our existing portfolio:
  • 2 active subsidiaries, 2 platforms, and 3 partnerships.

The biotech industry is notoriously risky and volatile. Despite appearances, it has also remained relatively stagnant technologically in the last two decades. This is in part due to a dearth of novel biotools platforms and incremental improvements in biomanufacturing technologies. This stagnation results largely from the industry’s focus on simple “monogenic” therapies that may treat single gene diseases rather than new technologies that can treat complex “multigenic” diseases that cause most death and hardship.
BioSolution Designs is actively engaged in creating new platforms and products for the biotools, biomanufacturing, and biotherapeutics markets focused on empowering a multigenic future. BSD’s hub and spoke model is designed to tackle several opportunities at once; maintaining cashflow and enabling diversification, while each technology is designed to compound with the rest of BSD’s portfolio – greatly decreasing costs and risks of development for new technologies.

Huge Market Potential

BSD’s technologies are designed to take advantage of the Gene and Cell Therapy (GCT) Market subsets in biotools, biomanufacturing, and biotherapeutics markets. Each of these subsets are poised for massive growth in the next several decades:

  • GCT Biotools – $83B by 2030 (US only).
  • GCT Biomanufacturing – $50B by 2030 (US only).
  • G&C Therapies – $80B-$120B by 2030 with current technology trajectory.
The Investment

BSD is seeking to raise $2,000,000 on a $15,000,000 post-money valuation (min. investment $50,000).

Investor Return

BSD is designed for long-term dividend distribution. Revenue streams into BSD come from 1) profit distribution from subsidiaries, 2) revenues from BSD-held licensable assets, 3) acquisitions of subsidiary assets or subsidiary entities, 4) acquisitions of BSD-held assets. BSD anticipates its first distributions within 2-4 years.
For more information, please e-mail Skylar Rallison at srallison@opus8.com

Opus8 is a private investment firm that invests in well-run companies in life sciences and tech-enabled services. They also provide high-level fundraising, strategy, and business advisory services. Watch for their upcoming events through their Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Forum, including tech and investment conferences which bring together more than 500 CXO’s, founders, angels & VCs.