FITCI launches IDEA Lab for earliest-stage entrepreneurs

Budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders gathered at FITCI’s ROOT location in downtown Frederick, Mayrland, for the first installment of the incubator’s newest community program, the IDEA Lab, sponsored by the Truist Foundation.

Session leader/mentor Robert “Bob” Stoneking of Pachydermos began the evening event by telling participants, “the purpose of the IDEA Lab is not to push a product forward; it is to push a founder forward.” The sentiment mirrors FITCI’s dedication to putting the individual first in its mission to encourage technological innovation and accelerate the development of commercially viable businesses in Frederick as a foundation to workforce development, economic mobility and vitality for the greater community.

The program encouraged participants to:

Seek helpful relationships

Create a framework for tracking challenges vs. solutions, key metrics and more

Harness their personal passion

Focus on incremental progress to reduce stress and build good habits

This free workshop series will strengthen early-stage small businesses as a first step on the path to making each entrepreneurial citizen’s vision a reality. Look for the next session in Fall 2023.