Meet Our Clients: Dr. Yimeng Wang, Founder and CEO of ReVacc

Yimeng Wang, Ph.D., has contributed to infectious disease research for more than 15 years with publications in top tier journals, such as Science and Cell.  His publications reach the fields of influenza, HIV, RSV and Ebola. He also served as main inventor of U.S. provisional patent “Neutralizing Antibody Targeting the Marburg Virus Glycoprotein,” and has another patent related to Zika vaccine rational design in preparation.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, Yimeng decided to put years of experience in studying infectious diseases to work and start a business that might help dealing with this pandemic in a better way.

Inspired by modern science of Reverse Vaccinology, ReVacc focuses on vaccine and antibody development. ReVacc Scientific provides the complete solution for COVID-19 research and diagnosis, including trimeric proteins, neutralizing antibodies and pseudo virus. Products related to other infectious diseases are available as well. Services provided by ReVacc Scientific include customized pseudo virus or protein generation, antibody discovery, and neutralizing antibody titer evaluation. Their service to evaluate neutralizing antibody titer for clients‘ samples is novel in the market with limited competition. The results will help clients know their vaccine candidate’s effectiveness and can help guide the economy towards re-opening. For example, ReVacc can evaluate whether COVID-19 recovered people have immunity against a second infection, and then help them decide whether to come back to work safely. This test’s results also help millions of COVID-19 recovered people decide whether they should take vaccine based on their immunity, when a vaccine is available in future. ReVacc now offers promotion for products and services on their online store, as well as free samples of small volume of antibody for first-time customers.

Becoming a FITCI member for Wang was a natural decision due to friendly environment, convenient labs and equipment for biomedical research, and an array of programs to help startups grow and develop their business values.