MEET OUR CLIENTS: Santhanalakshmi Shanmugam, President of Minnodi LLC

There is an old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Sometimes that means following a passion for helping others reach their dreams, too, and it’s the inspiration behind entrepreneur Santhanalakshmi Shanmugam’s labor of love, Minnodi, a Maryland-based IT/Pharma consulting and staffing agency. She says, “Entrepreneurs make a real contribution in the world. They are the ones who turn dreams into reality.” By applying her in-depth technology industry experience, including computer applications, graphic design and artificial intelligence (AI), to supporting other founders, creators and dreamers, Minnodi’s impact is magnified. That, she affirms, “makes all of our lives easier and more efficient.”

“It’s really important,” says Shanmugam, “that we smooth the way for clients of all sizes. We focus on optimizing their performance and efficiency so small businesses can grow and large organizations continue to thrive. That’s part of why we are here at FITCI.”

Minnodi’s FITCI location puts the emerging company at a Maryland technology hot spot and among other driven business leaders who share a cooperative philosophy. Poised for growth, Shanmugam knows the value of mentorship and support, noting, “FITCI will help us grow in a strong and faster manner.” The incubator/accelerator is known for its intensive mentorship and business support programs tailored for biomedical- and technology-related markets. “That will take us to the next phase.” 

In addition to seamlessly augmenting clients’ staffing and recruitment efforts, Minnodi’s Learn Connects platform offers targeted virtual training that helps students find their footing in a dynamic industry or enables current workers to upgrade essential skills. Even seasoned professionals looking for a new challenge can find the training they need to transition successfully. Programs range from basic IT admin to human resource management, accounting and contracting.

For more information on Minnodi, including IT governance, regulatory/research consulting, payroll services and more, log on to www.minnodillc.com or call 240-503-2146.