Precision Painting Power: Transforming Spaces with Color and Care

Kevin Christmon always knew he wanted to make a difference. As a child, he saw the world as wide open, full of beauty and potential. He recalls fond memories of helping his granddad paint their house and realizing how a simple change of color could transfigure and re-energize a space. That feeling of being able to stand back and see the proof of a job well done transformed young Kevin.

“It really made me feel grown up, like a man,” says Christmon, recalling those days in the late 1990s. “That really opened my mind to looking at the world in a whole new way.”

Now 12 years into his career as a professional painter, Christmon is ready to take his experience to a new level as a startup entrepreneur. He launched Precision Painting Power, LLC., in June 2023 with a vision to create a national chain of affiliated offices and franchisees. His goal is simple yet ambitious: to consistently deliver the same exceptional standard of residential and commercial painting coupled with inspired design that current clients have come to expect.

“Precision is more than a name to me,” says Christmon with unwavering commitment. He sets the standards high. That means working closely with clients to execute their vision. “I really love to see clients get excited about their projects, to see the look on their faces at that first reveal.

According to Christmon, the right color palette makes a big difference, especially when executed with care and attention to detail. He talks about how color has a phycological impact, contributing to the emotional appeal of a space. In commercial settings, color is an extension of branding and projects an aura of professionalism.

Christmon connected with FITCI because he appreciates its strong focus on developing founders’ entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, the organization’s dedication to making a positive impact appeals to him. As part of his commitment, Christmon is making plans to mentor and train others in the painting trade — a lifelong skill that can open doors to countless opportunities. His business model includes taking on apprentices, regular charity support via monetary and service donations, as well as periodic service trips to Africa to train youths there.

Precision Painting Power’s work is an integral part of FITCI’s new entrepreneurial innovation center at 321 Ballenger Center Drive. The space is in the final stages of Phase 1 construction and will be ready for occupancy in early 2024.

FITCI CEO Kathie Callahan Brady appreciates Christmon’s dedication and ability to translate a concept from vision to reality. “He gets it,” she says. “It’s great to have someone on board who is just as excited about this project as we are.”

The EDGE@321 is an advanced concept that kicks up the intensity of the common business incubator model by adding a new dimension of intensive community and relationship building among interconnected life science and technology industries as well as support services, spurring economic development across the spectrum from startups to established companies. This evolution complements FITCI’s solid reputation for meeting startup founders, like Christmon, wherever they are in their development and wrapping them in the coaching, skill-building, and resources they need to grow as an entrepreneur as they grow their companies.

For his part, Christmon is excited to be part of the ecosystem. “I see a lot of parallels here,” he says. “And I appreciate the way FITCI and its clients are each trying to contribute something positive. That really resonates with what I am trying to do with Precision Painting Power. In our own way, we are each trying to make the world a brighter, better, more beautiful place.”

Contact: 240-771-5128 or www.precisionpaintingpower.com