CarrTech Corp. advances FROG® filter needle, an industry-altering innovation

Life science and biomedical startups have a notoriously long path to commercialization. That’s why FITCI is committed to helping intrepid entrepreneurs, like CarrTech Corp. founder Sue Carr, bring their world-changing innovations to life.

FROG®, their flagship product, stands for “filter removal of glass.”

This revolutionary device is the first and only all-in-one package filter and hypodermic needle combined. Sue was inspired by decades of professional experience, seeing the dangers associated with opening and extracting medicines from glass ampoules. The current process can cause glass shard contamination, which can lead to organ failure, internal bleeding, and even death.

CarrTech’s FROG® will make the process safer for and more efficient patients and healthcare workers.

In March, Sue and her team traveled to their manufacturer to make final preparations for FDA submission and shared some pictures from the road.

Read more about CarrTech at https://www.carrtechcorp.com/ or https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr7ieodspsw3h63/Q1%202023%20Newsletter%2C%20Final%20Copy.pdf?dl=0