Meet Our Clients – Phil Yang, The Principal of Oaiscell Biotechnologies

Phil Yang’s passion is translating basic science to life-saving medicine. With a Ph.D in Immunology from Duke University, and numerous academic publications, Dr. Yang is now at FITCI working on a next generation protein purification system that quickly produces a large amount of native, non-tagged proteins.

The current process to purify native, non-tagged proteins is tedious and time consuming, requiring several steps of Ion Exchange HPLC, Gel Filtration etc. To simplify protein purification, Dr. Yang and his collaborator developed a novel protein purification system. The system utilizes an immobilized, extensively engineered protease that recognizes and binds strongly to the Profinity tag that is fused to the N-terminus of the target protein. Subsequent to column washing, the protease performs a specific, controlled cleavage and removal of the Profinity tag from the fusion protein, resulting in the release of highly purified recombinant protein with its native sequence and function.

By systematizing the process of producing proteins for biomedical institutes and pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Yang aims to improve and speed up the process for developing advanced therapeutics.  He is working closely with a collaborator that developed the original technology.

Dr. Yang came to FITCI on the advice of the principal at Poochon, a FITCI graduate. He particularly appreciates the infrastructure of support for his two year old company.  Besides biomedical research, Dr. Yang’s other love is photography. He believes that life is a journey and everyone should enjoy it along the way. Through his camera, Dr. Yang has captured a lot of extraordinary, memorable moments on many ordinary occasions.


Written by: Tamar Osterman, FITCI Media Chairman