NanoBioFAB earns $10,000 Award from the Universities at Shady Grove Equity Incubator Showcase, capping a banner year.

Frederick, MD: The Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) is proud to announce that member NanoBioFAB, a nanotechnology startup, recently earned top honors among a field of 60 applicants and 5 presenters, including a $10,000 check, for its intelligent sensor, RAPID-iNose, at the Universities at Shady Grove Equity Incubator Showcase on December 8th.

RAPID-iNose is the company’s leading-edge solution for detection and care of infected wounds. The product is a proprietary, real-time agnostic patch that measures small chemical variations produced by the body and is now in development. It has applications for both the military and private practice.

Universities at Shady Grove Equity Incubator Showcase winner Dr. Xiaonao Liu with judges and program leaders

Founder Dr. Xiaonao Liu says the product will offer medical professionals a way to monitor patients that is quicker and more efficient than current methods. The project combines a patented, wireless and highly-sensitive nanosensor array with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The RAPID-iNose automatically and continuously captures information on the types and amounts of pathogens. Results can then prompt infection alerts, eliminating some of the biggest challenges in chronic wound care.

During her presentation, Dr. Liu shared an example of how the wearable RAPID-iNose will help. She explains, “If a person gets an infection after surgery, it could take days to identify and start treatment. That delay can put the person in danger and add tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.”

FITCI President and CEO Kathie Callahan Brady says, “This innovation is a game-changer. I have the privilege of following Dr. Liu’s progress through our Strategic Growth and Advisory Boards and her passion for helping people get the care they need is clearly evident. As a small, minority woman-owned startup, NanoBioFAB stands out as one of the state’s rising stars life science and technology.” FITCI is a science-forward business incubator that surrounds emerging entrepreneurs with the means to develop and grow through equitable access to coaching, collaboration, connection, community, and capital resources.

The Universities at Shady Grove Equity Incubator Showcase program was sponsored by the David and Mikel Blair Family Foundation to help early-stage entrepreneurs advance. USG’s Lab for Entrepreneurship and Transformative Leadership provides resources and mentorship to students, empowers local entrepreneurs and supports emerging startups. The equity incubator is an eight-week program that culminates in this pitch competition.

Dr. Liu offers thanks “for great support” from DOD, Maryland State Government, TEDCO, Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc, their advisors, industry leading medical device partners and a very intelligent team. “We are well on our way to making it happen!”

Call 301-694-2999 or email info@fitci.org for more information about NanoBioFAB, FITCI or the EDGE@321.

Meet the client

NanoBioFAB joined FITCI in 2015, growing swiftly from a true “mom & pop” operation to its current double digit staffing. The company’s advanced nano-sensors and flagship product, the intelligent RAPID-iNose sensor, have potential applications that range from medical diagnostics to healthcare training and smart consumer products and more.

2022 was full of accomplishments for the NanoBioFAB team. In addition to winning first place in the USG’s showcase, which is similar to a “shark tank,” the company was awarded a new DHA SBIR phase I contract to develop a wearable device for early, fast monitoring and screening of wound infections. They also received investment from TEDCO’s pre-seed builder fund and were granted two patents, with five more patents pending.

NanoBioFAB’s team has also grown significantly, from 3 to 14 members, buoying significant progress on their flexible pressure sensors, MEMS gas sensors, and wearable device prototypes. And their research was recognized at the MHSRS and Defense TechConnect Innovation conferences.

Founder Dr. Xiao Nao Liu says, “As we look ahead to the new year, we are filled with excitement and optimism for the opportunities that lie ahead. We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline.” She offers gratitude for support and guidance from FITCI and a strong network of mentors. “We have the potential to achieve even greater success in the coming year.